What is Kinetic XR?

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Kinetic XR is the name of Kinetic Fighting’s training technology division — a partnership with Australia’s leading developers of virtual-reality training systems. With research and development progressing rapidly, virtual-reality and augmented-reality technology will soon become a highly valuable and integrated component of KEF’s training programs.

Kinetic XR capability

Currently in the development and testing phase, Kinetic XR will enhance the safety and availability of combative training. It will also revolutionise mindset training, as well as the prevention and management of traumatic stress.

The Kinetic XR team specialises in the psychological application of virtual reality, VR research and bespoke experiences focused on training and simulation. Our developers’ capabilities include software creation, animation, UI/UX (user interface/experience) and sound design, 3D modelling, 3D rendering, data visualisation and behavioural analytics. These capabilities can be applied to accurately simulate the battle space and any number of high-risk environments and situations. In doing so, the development team focuses on the strategic use of aesthetics — including sound, colour, scale, interactivity, motion design and narrative — to enhance learning and stimulate specific behavioural responses.

Kinetic XR also has a research team drawn from the fields of behavioural neuroscience and clinical psychology. Their work brings an evidence-based approach to both our virtual-reality design and the testing of outcomes. By delivering regular research briefs to our developers, they enable Kinetic XR to synthesise the latest neuroscience with state-of-the-art VR technology. The result is virtual-reality programs that induce specific emotional and cognitive states to make training and behavioural assessment as effective as possible.

The Advantages of XR

While not essential to get excellent results from training, XR technology has many benefits, especially for groups training to operate in high-risk environments. These benefits include:

  • Enhanced safety in training
  • Improved cognitive responses and procedural recall
  • Fast and accurate collection of training data (including mapping behavioural and physiological responses)
  • Efficient, computer-integrated pressure-testing and trainee examination
  • Accurate assessment of trainees’ psychological preparedness and vulnerabilities (via recording reactions to simulated stressors)
  • Cost reductions in ordnance and scenario exercises
  • Simulation of environments that can’t be physically constructed

Through Kinetic XR, KEF Group will work with you to develop a tailored virtual-reality training solution that best meets your needs and goals.

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