Kinetic XR

Kinetic XR is a joint-venture partnership with some of Australia’s leading developers of virtual-reality (VR) and augmented-reality (AR) experiences. This partnership was established in 2018 to develop interactive training programs for, and in concert with, the Department of Defence. Designed to deliver advanced capability and training efficiency, Kinetic XR’s training solutions blend the latest in VR technology and behavioural science.

You can find out more about Kinetic XR here.

Force Ordnance

Force Ordnance is Kinetic Fighting’s preferred supplier of small arms, combat equipment and manufacturing expertise.

Continuing its 35-year tradition of excellence and innovation, Adelaide’s Lightforce Australia Group launched the Force Ordnance brand in 2018. Implementing the latest technological research, Force Ordnance now manufactures tailored, technically superior and cost-effective small-arms systems for defence personnel worldwide.

Depended on by soldiers and law-enforcers in the UK, New Zealand, US and beyond, the brands’ reliability in the most demanding conditions has earned it the trust of defence organisations globally.

Australian-made with international reach, Force Ordnance has broken new ground through partnerships with other renowned companies. By bringing these trusted brands together, this big-hitter in small-arms development is uniquely positioned to deliver bespoke solutions at scale. Its key manufacturing partners include world-leaders Lewis Machine & Tool (LMT), SilencerCo, Cadex Defence, Leonardo DRS, Breaching Technologies Incorporated (BTI), TAUV and many others, depending on the client’s needs.

Force Ordnance and its partners deliver integrated expertise covering the full scope of small-arms systems and accessories. This enables the company to combine revolutionary manufacturing methods with equally advanced training and simulation systems. The results include producing the Maxim 9 integrally suppressed pistol with SilencerCo, and developing a new line of lightweight, composite ammunition with True Velocity.

Likewise, every Force Ordnance product is rigorously tested to meet MIL-STD or NATO STANAG requirements. This testing is achieved in partnership with Kinetic Fighting, which provides tactical expertise and training feedback analysis via its former Special Forces operators — as depicted in the video above, featuring KEF CEO Paul Cale and KEF MSI Reece Dewar. Paroo Pastoral Company provides the testing environments, offering access to suitably rugged terrain across its vast rural acreage.

Force Ordnance is also working with KEF’s Kinetic XR division to develop the Defence training packages of the future. These firearm-integrated, virtual-reality systems will signify the joint commitment between Kinetic Fighting and Force Ordnance to deliver not only the best equipment, but the best in product support and training.

In consultation with their strategic partners and end users, Force Ordnance is designing and manufacturing the “system-of-systems” for the next generation of defence and law-enforcement personnel. To find out more, visit the Force Ordnance website.

5.11 Tactical

5.11 Tactical is Kinetic Fighting’s preferred supplier of tactical clothing and accessories. They also produce the uniforms worn by KEF Mission Specialist Instructors (MSI), as well as Kinetic Fighting’s bespoke line of tactically enhanced, everyday wear.

Working to the motto ‘Always Be Ready’®, 5.11 Tactical makes purpose-built apparel for law-enforcement, security professionals and others who require readiness for action whether in or out of uniform. The company’s focus is on delivering functionally innovative gear that passes the toughest tests of durability, quality and value. It has been a favourite brand of US law-enforcement personnel since 1992, when the FBI National Training Academy in Quantico, Virginia adopted the original 5.11 pant as part of its official training uniform.

Up to that point, 5.11 had forged their reputation for rugged and dependable trousers within the mountain-climbing fraternity. The name ‘5.11’ was inspired by the Yosemite Decimal System used to measure the difficulty of a climb. A 5.10 was the highest rank, reserved for the toughest possible challenges…so 5.11 was just that bit tougher!

The pants were the creation of the late climbing pioneer Royal Robbins, whose eponymous company remains a force in outdoor apparel. With his wife and company co-founder, Liz, Robbins developed a more extensive law-enforcement line due to the popularity of their gear among police. In 2003 this culminated in the launch of 5.11 Tactical, and the brand quickly became synonymous with tactical wear.

Since those days, 5.11 designers have worked with front-line professionals to create high-performance outfits and accessories that meet the real needs of operators in the field. This includes clothing with different profiles for specific requirements, whether it’s low-visibility concealed carrying or easy access to an array of tools. Their lines range from feature-packed pants and shirts to all-weather jackets, protective vests, combat-ready boots, bags and survival tools.

Today, 5.11 also boasts an extensive women’s tactical collection and new apparel catering to the outdoor and fitness markets. Head to for the full range on sale in Australia.