Control fear, tactical response, special forces, 2nd Commando Regiment

To be scientific in our approach to combat, we must first set fear, and dogma, aside. If we can control fear, we’re also more likely to spot the charlatans who seek to exploit it.

Who is Watching?

The key to self-defence is not some secret, deadly martial arts technique — it’s threat awareness. So if your training is only focused on the punching, kicking and grappling, it had better prepare you for dealing with a surprise attack…

KEF Natural Selection

In selecting draftees for the AIS Combat Centre, AIS scientists were looking for answers: was it physical or mental traits that separated those selected from those left behind?

MMA for Navy Seals

The controversy surrounding the US Navy SEAL special forces unit’s recent decision to bring MMA…

Is Your Martial Art A Placebo?

As a co-team leader at the Australian Institute of Sports’ Combat Centre, which focuses on…

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