Kinetic Fighting–Integrated Combat (KEF–IC) is our ‘civilian’ program for preventing and combating violence — also known as Personal Combatives. Kinetic Fighting staff and Combative Master Trainers deliver a number of annual KEF–IC courses around Australia, as well as regular training at KEF HQ (the High Fidelity Training Centre in Hemmant, Qld). However, it’s our licensed affiliate instructors who ensure the program is available to an ever-growing number of people across the country. See below to find a local instructor, and check out our courses page for upcoming events near you.

  • New South Wales


    Mark Fazackerley

    Australian Personal Combatives, Sydney
    Mark Fazackerley has trained in martial arts for over 35 years and currently holds the rank of 3rd Dan in Jin Sei Ryu, a karate method that stems from Kyokushin full-contact karate.

    After several years working in nightclub security in the 1990s, Mark saw the need to expand his skill set for real-world application, and took up Kwan Nyom hapkido. He now holds the rank of Brown-belt in this Korean martial art, which focuses on joint-locking and throwing. When a rise in knife crime started Mark questioning the utility of traditional martial arts’ knife defences, he also began training in Floro Fighting Systems (FFS), of which he is now a certified Level 1 Instructor.

    Now, with KEF–IC Mark has found the practical approach and reality-based principles required to “bring all this together into a well-rounded methodology for surviving violent encounters,” he says.

    Developed over many years, Mark’s teaching style is pragmatic and designed to be appropriate for each participant’s size and skill level. He is licensed to provide KEF–IC training in modules A–D. Find out more here.

  • Queensland

    Glenn Irvine KEF-IC

    Glenn Irvine

    Kodomon Martial Arts, Alexandra Hills
    Glenn Irvine has been teaching traditional karate and Japanese martial arts for over 35 years, with a strong focus on self-defence applications. As well as having a 6th Dan rank in Okinawan karate (Shuri-te) through the DNBK in Kyoto, and a 2nd Dan in Yoshinkan aikido, he was among the first civilians involved in Kinetic Fighting with Paul Cale almost 10 years ago. As Director of Civilian Programs, Glenn has been heavily involved in the development of Kinetic Fighting courses for the public.

    Glenn also leverages his knowledge of combat-sports skill development and coaching in his teaching. As the Australian Karate Federation’s Qld State Coaching Director for 10 years, he has coached many sport-karate athletes at national and international level.

    Glenn runs weekly KEF–IC classes at his dojo in Alexandra Hills, east of Brisbane, and hosts free KEF–IC courses for ‘at-risk’ people such as domestic violence victims and hospital staff through his not-for-profit Kodomon Foundation. He is licensed to provide KEF–IC training in modules A–C. For more info, visit the Kodomon website.

    Chris Fetcher KEF-IC-Instructor

    Chris Fechner

    HMR Combatives, Toowoomba
    A martial arts student for nearly 20 years, Chris Fechner works full-time in the security industry. He is also an experienced instructor and a veteran of submission-grappling and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) competition. 

    Before becoming a KEF–IC instructor, Chris had already achieved hard-earned certifications in several self-protection systems, including Krav Maga Expert Level 1 Instructor (tested and certified in Israel) and Close Quarters Combat Advanced Instructor (Scientific Fighting Congress of Australia). He holds Black-belts in Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ), hapkido and escrima (Filipino weaponry-based combat), and is ranked 4th Dan in Jissen Budo — the supporting martial arts system for the Army Combatives Program and KEF–IC. He also trains Aussie soldiers at Borneo Barracks as part of an ACP/KEF–IC skill-enhancement program.

    Chris is a big advocate of cross-training, as he believes there isn’t necessarily ‘one system’ to suit everybody. “All that matters is the individual,” he says. He focuses on giving students the technical, tactical and principle-based options to deal with violence rationally, while developing their mindsets and decision-making skills — because, “In a violent situation, skills alone mean nothing if the brain is not trained.”

    Chris is licensed to provide KEF–IC training in modules A–E and can be contacted via Facebook.


    Henry Le Gay Brereton

    Asia Pacific Self Defence, Brisbane
    Henry Le Gay Brereton spent 36 years in the ADF, during which he deployed to the Middle East, North Africa, Asia and the Pacific region. He retired from full-time Army service in 2014 and now serves in a reserve role.

    Henry now owns three martial arts schools in south-east Qld — Asia Pacific Self Defence, Centenary Martial Arts and Ipswich Martial Arts — where he teaches KEF–IC and hapkido. An experienced instructor and facilitator, Henry held several training appointments in the Army and has a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, along with business qualifications from Six Sigma, LEAN and TQM. A firm believer in lifelong learning and personal growth, his qualifications also include an MBA, Master of Human Resources and Organisational Development, Company Directors Course (AICD) and Graduate Certificate in Accounting.

    Henry is passionate about self-protection and enjoys watching his students grow in confidence. “I believe strongly in the values of courage (including moral courage), integrity, loyalty and mateship,” he says.

    Henry is licensed to teach KEF–IC modules A–E. For training info, go to his website.

    KEF–IC Instructor Gold Coast,John Trebilco

    John Trebilco

    Southern Cross Martial Arts, Gold Coast

    John Trebilco has been training in martial arts for almost 30 years and has 16 years’ experience in the security industry, including leading crowd-control teams in licensed venues.

    He holds Black-belts in three systems: freestyle karate (6th Degree), Goju Ryu karate (5th Degree) and Jissen Budo (4th Degree), the system that supports skill-enhancement in KEF–IC and ACP. He also has extensive training in muay Thai (2nd Kahn) and experience in some weaponry methods. John trains in the grappling arts, too, holding a Brown-belt in judo and Purple-belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ), and has competed and coached in various disciplines covering striking, grappling and shoot-fighting (MMA). Previously a certified Olympic weightlifting coach, John currently holds a Certificate 4 in Fitness and has also completed various kettlebell and strength-and-conditioning courses.

    As a security professional, John is qualified as an instructor in the PPCT system for defensive tactics, control and restraint, spontaneous knife defence and baton/handcuff use. He has applied this knowledge and his experience ‘on the doors’ to deliver courses at the Security Institute (from 2005 to 2009), training others to meet their licencing requirements. He is licensed to provide KEF–IC training in modules A–D — find out more here.

    KEF–IC Instructor Michael Beak

    Michael Beak

    SureFire Tactical, Tamborine Mountain

    Corporal Michael Beak has over 25 years’ professional experience as a paramedic. Currently serving with the Army Reserve, he’s a Senior Instructor in Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) and has also completed the Army Combatives Program (ACP) Levels 1–3, plus Instructor certification.

    Michael learned about the KEF–IC program and founder Paul Cale while training in ACP at the Army Combatives Centre at Gallipoli Barracks, Enoggera, in 2019. He has since trained with various Combatives Master Trainers in South-east Queensland and is the KEF–IC representative on the ADF Martial Arts Association committee. He also practises Brazilian jiu-jitsu, judo and Jissen Budo at Veterans Grappling on the Gold Coast.

    Currently completing a Masters in Emergency Management, Michael brings a wealth of real-world operational experience to his teaching. He believes the KEF syllabus was a natural addition to his emergency-preparedness training company, SureFire Tactical.

    “I’ve seen all too often the realities of the physical and emotional effects of violence directed toward first-responders,” he says. “These experiences have only reinforced the benefits and importance of KEF–IC training.”

    Michael is licensed to provide KEF–IC training in modules A–C. Find out more via the SureFire website.


    Luke Meir

    Veterans Grappling, Gold Coast
    A Gold Coast native, Luke Meir is a lifelong martial artist with more than 20 years of experience. He began his training in traditional martial arts — Japanese karate and Chinese kung fu — before transitioning into more reality-based fighting systems and combat sports. He has since fought around the world as both an amateur and a professional, and has been awarded Black-belt ranks and/or instructor qualifications in a variety of complementary martial arts. These include Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ), boxing, muay Thai kickboxing and Jissen Budo, the official supporting martial arts system for the Army Combatives Program and KEF–IC.

    Luke also has nearly a decade of experience in the health and fitness industry, working with veterans. As an Accredited Exercise Physiologist, he provides evidence-based therapeutic exercise programs for conditions ranging from cardiac disease to chronic musculoskeletal conditions and even mental health issues. “I understand the unique circumstances faced by veterans,” he says.

    As an instructor at Veterans Grappling, Luke is licensed to teach KEF–IC modules A–B — visit the website for more information.

    Daniel Brown KEF-IC Instructor

    Daniel Brown

    Veterans Grappling, Gold Coast
    Daniel Brown is a seasoned physiotherapist and a Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ) practitioner. He holds a Master of Medical Research degree and is currently completing a PhD, for which he is investigating head and neck injuries sustained through combat sports.

    Previously a member of the physiotherapy team at the Gold Coast Titans NRL club, Daniel now consults as part of a health-services team for professional combat sports athletes. As a physiotherapist, Daniel has worked with both veteran populations and UFC fighters for the past five years, much of this as part of a multidisciplinary team. In this role, he collaborates with doctors, therapists, exercise physiologists and coaches to manage complex physical and mental conditions, by providing evidence-based therapeutic exercise and rehabilitation programs.

    As an expert in rehabilitation programming for veterans, Daniel is a valued member of the Veterans Grappling team in Molendinar. He is licensed to teach KEF–IC modules A–B.


    Scott Steer

    Veterans Grappling, Gold Coast
    Scott Steer is a combat veteran who served in Afghanistan and Iraq, following a successful sport-grappling career. Leveraging more than 30 years of experience, with Black-belts in judo and Japanese jiu-jitsu, he also worked as a tackling coach for the Gold Coast Suns AFL team.

    Scott has won many state, national and international judo titles, and has represented both the Australian and New Zealand national teams. He was awarded his first Black-belt in 1999 and currently coaches Queensland’s state judo team. 

    Scott joined the Australian Army in 2005 through the Special Forces Direct Recruiting Scheme, passing selection for 4RAR Commando. However, an injury saw him posted to 6RAR and he later deployed on combat operations with that unit, before discharging in 2010.

    Scott is now a 4th Dan Black-belt in Jissen Budo, 2nd Dan in judo, a qualified strength and conditioning coach, yoga teacher and instructor of KAPAP (an Israeli combatives method). He applies all these skills, and teaches KEF–IC modules A–B, as founder and head coach of Veterans Grappling. Find out more via the website or the WarriorU podcast.

  • South Australia

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  • Victoria

    AJ Kearns KEF-IC

    AJ Kearns

    Guardian Defence, Coburg North
    AJ Kearns has more than 20 years’ experience in self-protection and martial arts training, and 16 years in instructing. Motivated by seeing a friend attacked, AJ began training in taekwondo in 2000, before going on to study kobudo (traditional Okinawan weaponry skills) and attaining Black-belt rank in both systems. 

    AJ has focused on reality-based self-defence systems since 2002, and earned his certification as an Advanced Civilian Krav Maga Instructor by Dr Itay Gil of Protect Krav Maga in 2006. He has since gained instructor certifications in Tactical Krav Maga, Krav Maga Practical (by Roy Faiga of Israel’s Wingate Institute) and Youth Krav Maga (by Lior Offenbach). He is also a certified instructor of Floro Fighting Systems and was Melbourne’s first KEF–IC instructor, certified by Paul Cale. AJ has since joined the Australian Army Reserve and completed the Army Combatives Program (ACP) Level 1 as a recruit.

    AJ is a qualified Personal Trainer (Cert IV in Fitness) and teaches KEF–IC alongside his own system, Guardian Krav Maga, at Guardian Defence in Melbourne’s northern suburbs. He is licensed to provide KEF–IC training in modules A–E. Find out more via his website.

    KEF–IC Instructor Jonathan Batten

    Jonathan Batten

    Guardian Defence, Coburg North
    Jonathan spent 15 years in the Australian Army, with two deployments to Afghanistan, and one to Timor and Solomon Islands. During this time, he participated in Army’s first attempt at returning to combatives in 2003, the development and retiring of MSD, followed by the adoption of Infantry Integrated Combat (IIC, developed by KEF creator Paul Cale). He undertook two postings as an instructor: at the Army Recruit Training Centre as a Recruit Instructor, and at the School of Infantry as a tactics instructor.

    Jonathan took up krav maga during his time at 3RAR (Airborne) in Sydney, studying under Ron Engelman to cover the combatives capability gap that was later filled by IIC and the Army Combatives Program (ACP). He maintains a connection to the ADF through the Army Reserve, where he is a qualified instructor of ACP Level 1 and 2.

    Alongside his Army work, Jonathan provides professional security consultation and services to the health sector. He also works closely with the team at Guardian Defence, leading regular practice sessions and teaching KEF–IC modules A–D. He is available for mobile training delivery.

    KEF–IC Instructor Justin Qubrosi

    Justin Qubrosi

    Kando Martial Arts, Highett
    Ranked 3rd Dan Black-belt in the Kando Martial Arts system, Justin Qubrosi teaches full-time at his own academy, Kando Martial Arts, Highett. Kando is a freestyle blend of karate, kickboxing and ground-fighting, with a self-defence focus owing to its founder, Shihan Paul Veldman, having had a long career with Victoria Police.

    Justin has been practising martial arts since the age of 14, with a brief hiatus to complete his Bachelor of Science in Computer Technology. Although his career began with re-engineering and project management work in the finance sector, his “keen focus on sharpening [his] expertise in all things self-defence and combat” soon took over.

    Alongside Kando and Kinetic Fighting, Justin regularly trains in BJJ with Technique Jiu Jitsu’s Prof. Dave Kristic and in kickboxing with former muay Thai champion Nick Kara. He is also a certified instructor of Floro Fighting Systems (Category 7) and Kalis Illustrisimo (Level 3), both under edged-weapons expert Guro Raymond Floro.

    Justin is licensed to teach KEF–IC modules A–B and can be contacted here.


    Craig Donaldson

    Integrity Martial Arts Academy, Eltham
    Craig Donaldson has been training in the martial arts for more than 30 years. He started in freestyle karate, in which he holds a 3rd Dan Black-belt, then expanded his repertoire to meet the demands of security/crowd-control work. He took up Shootfighting (Mixed Martial Arts) and Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ) with John Will, earning his Black-belt in 2018. 

    Having also trained in Floro Fighting Systems since 2013, Craig is a Category 8 Instructor under FFS founder Ray Floro, a specialist with blades, sticks and improvised weapons. Craig became involved with Kinetic Fighting in 2015 and has since integrated its methods into Integrity’s combatives classes, as well as teaching the KEF–IC program.

    Craig’s academy now delivers training in BJJ, boxing and kickboxing, MMA, FFS and combatives, with a focus on positive culture and mindset. “You need to gain a technique and strategy, hone it, pressure-test it, call ‘BS’ where required, then repeat until you own your skill set!” he says.

    Craig is licensed to provide training in KEF–IC modules A–E. Find out more here.


    Matt Mellington

    Horsham Allied Martial Arts
    Matt Mellington is the Head Instructor and owner of Horsham Allied Martial Arts (HAMA), and has been involved with KEF–IC since 2015. He has been training in martial arts and working in security for 20 years, 15 of those as security manager at a healthcare facility. Always striving to enhance his skills, he has also trained with many elite instructors in Australia, the Philippines, Thailand and the USA.

    Matt’s focus at HAMA is cultivating a friendly environment where everyone helps each other regardless of skill level, and training is adapted to help each student get the most out of every session. “I believe that, in today’s world, everyone should learn self-defence skills to have situational awareness and to protect themselves and their family,” says Matt.

    At HAMA Matt teaches Zen Do Kai (ZDK), Doce Pares eskrima (stick and knife methods), BJMA krav maga, kickboxing and kids’ karate, as well as KEF–IC courses and self-defence classes using KEF principles. Matt is licensed to provide KEF–IC training in modules A–E. Visit the HAMA website for more info.

  • Western Australia

    Nick Caldwell KEF IC

    Nick Caldwell

    The Mill Gym, North Fremantle
    A former Australian Commando and SAS operator, Nick Caldwell is qualified in Special Forces Close Quarter Fighting (CQF) and Close Quarter Battle (CQB). He is also a highly experienced exponent of the martial arts, including full-contact karate and Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ).

    Nick served for more than 12 years in Special Forces, during which he deployed to conflict zones in South East Asia and the Middle East, including Timor Leste and Iraq. Since then, he has gained extensive experience instructing students across Australia and Asia in team development, security, enterprise risk management, crisis management, survival and first aid.

    Today, he is co-owner and instructor at The Mill Gym in North Fremantle, WA, which delivers training in KEF–IC, BJJ, strength and conditioning, resilience and pre-enlistment skill development for military and other front-line jobs. He holds a Graduate Diploma in Training Management, and Diplomas in Paramedical Science, Security and Risk management and Government Security.

    Nick is also a Combatives Master Trainer (KEF–IC Black-belt). Contact him here.