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Learn how to apply behavioural analysis and situational awareness to manage threats in dynamic environments. Take your violence-prevention skills to the next level with behavioural intelligence expert Mathew Wann, author of Predicting Violence: How to Interpret Nonverbal Cues.

This live online session (the KEF–IC ‘Golf’ module) builds upon the lessons of Foxtrot, teaching you how to use nonverbal analysis while operating in a threat environment. You will increase your knowledge of key nonverbal indicators of violence/aggression, and learn to contextualise those behaviours to shared environments such as cafés, bars, train stations and carparks. The module also teaches the fundamentals of ‘baselining’ threats (vital for effective threat analysis) and introduces rapid profiling in dynamic environments. This includes analysing examples in a classroom environment, then applying these skills in practical, scenario-based drills. The lessons culminate in a high-fidelity simulation exercise, enabling you to put your training into action.

Through the Golf module, you will develop:

  • confidence in avoiding violent attack by ‘base-lining’ and profiling potential threats
  • techniques that reduce the likelihood of becoming a victim
  • versatile conflict-management skills
  • the ability to operate in environments where multiple threats exist
  • a stronger ‘combat mindset’ and ability to reduce stress reactions 
  • confidence in using nonverbal analysis in high-stress environments.

Your instructor will also field questions and troubleshoot, helping you to work through any issues you’re having in understanding and applying the principles and tactics. You will also receive a FREE copy of his e-book, Predicting Violence: How to Interpret Nonverbal Cues.

Prerequisite: KEF–IC Foxtrot*


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This training in essential, real-world self-protection skills will be delivered by KEF Mission Specialist Instructor (MSI) Mathew Wann. As an instructor of front-line professionals, Mathew gives first-responders and career combatants the tools to understand social and physical precursors to violence, as well as the dynamics of this ‘most primal human disorder’. As a coach and mentor, Mathew has also helped athletes and coaches to gain a competitive advantage in their sport by interpreting unspoken signals.


* Do the Foxtrot and Golf modules together for a discount. (Or, if you wish to organise a private seminar for a professional group, contact info@kefgroup.com.)

** Note: this course is delivered live online, using the ZOOM web platform.


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