1:00 pm — 5:00 pm
KEF High-Fidelity Training Centre
KEF High-Fidelity Training Centre, Screen QLD Studios, 45 Gosport St, Hemmant, Queensland, 4174, Australia
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Learn how to deal physically and psychologically with immediate threats to your home and family. Applicable to protecting yourself and others within a residence, workplace or school, this module teaches you professionally tested tactics for survival on multiple levels, from preparation and avoidance to direct response.

This four-hour session (‘Hotel’ module in the KEF–IC syllabus) covers prevention, resistance, escape, signalling neighbours/authorities, and much more. Starting with understanding the intent and tactics of intruders and trespassers, you will discover the weak points to exploit in order to achieve the best protection and respond optimally to threats. You’ll also learn how principles applied by Special Forces and counter-terror units apply to civilian environments, including clearing and defending your space, and responding to weapons. This includes understanding firearm use, capability and limitations from both sides of the weapon, so you can act with maximum effectiveness.

The Hotel module will cover:

  • home defence and the law
  • intruder counter measures
  • moving in low light
  • visual and physical room clearance
  • threat assessment
  • ‘safe room’ use
  • escape and evasion
  • deception plans
  • discreet first-responder communications
  • effective deployment of light
  • ‘crash’ action planning.


In this session, Paul Cale and Kinetic Fighting’s Mission Specialist Instructors will teach you essential principles and tactics that are:

  • Proven by front-line operators and adapted for civilian use
  • Principle-based and applicable to any interior environment
  • Backed by Paul Cale’s 25 years of career military and counter-terror experience and operational application, and the collective experience and knowledge of our ex-Special Forces instructor team.


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COVID-19 policy: In addition to enhanced safety and hygiene protocols, participants may choose to work with only their own partner for the majority of the seminar. Special discounts also apply to encourage bringing your own training partner (see above). 

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