December 12, 2020 7:00 am — December 13, 2020 5:00 pm
KEF High-Fidelity Training Centre
Screen QLD Studios, 45 Gosport St

Hemmant, Queensland 4174 Australia
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Complete your KEF–IC instructor training alongside instructors of the Australian Army Combatives Program (ACP)!

The 2020 Kinetic Fighting–Integrated Combat Instructors’ Course enables KEF–IC instructors-in-training to practise with Australian soldiers and teach others over two full days.  

At the High Fidelity Training Centre, Brisbane (the new home of Kinetic Fighting, inside Screen Queensland Studios), you will take a deep dive into the application of KEF concepts. You’ll refine your skills and learn to teach the material hands-on, while being mentored by KEF’s highly experienced Combatives Master Trainers (CMTs) and Army Combatives Program (ACP) instructors. As part of the learning and qualification process, your lesson delivery will be evaluated by both the CMTs and fellow trainees, including currently licensed KEF–IC Instructors.

Heading up the coaching will be Paul Cale — KEF–IC/ACP creator, Australian Defence Force Martial Arts Association (ADFMAA) Head Coach and former Commando Sergeant. He will be joined by ADFMAA Vice President and current Sergeant Major of the Combatives Centre, WO2 Aaron Johnston, and KEF–IC/ACP Combatives Master Trainer Geordie Lavers-McBain.

+ Awards Dinner

Your course booking includes a seat at the KEF–IC/ACP Awards Dinner on the Saturday night, with three-course meal, drinks and entertainment. (If you’d like to bring a partner or friends, extra dinner tickets can be purchased via the ticket website.)

+ Instructor’s Starter Pack

The cost of the course also covers a 12-month teaching license, two KEF–IC Instructor T-shirts and 10 free course books for your future students.*

Eligibility & Preparation

If you hold a KEF–IC Grey Belt (or a higher rank) before 12 December, you will be eligible to do this course. If you pass the course and subsequently receive certification, this will enable you to teach KEF–IC to your current rank level (and any higher rank level subsequently achieved).*

For those in QLD wanting an opportunity to complete and/or revise the Level 1 material before December, there are two courses currently scheduled:

Level 1-Alpha/Bravo – High Fidelity Training Centre, 14 November

Level 1-Alpha/Bravo – Toowoomba, 29 November*

This rare opportunity for critical skill-enhancement and coaching development at ACP/KEF–IC headquarters is limited to 20 people for this year, so don’t miss out!

Secure your place now with an immediate booking, or pay a 50% deposit and the balance by 1 December.  

* Note: Instructor certification will not be offered to those who do not meet the required standard of KEF–IC skill and knowledge at the completion of the course. Certified instructors can only begin teaching after submission of a completed KEF–IC instructor license agreement (provided by KEF post-course) and supply of a current public-liability insurance certificate. 

** No grading in Toowoomba; contact Kinetic Fighting about follow-up testing.

Kinetic Fighting
0415 296 497

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