10:00 am — 2:00 pm
TheMill Gym Perth
TheMill Gym Perth, 1 Coventry Parade, North Fremantle, WA, 6159, Australia
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Learn how to apply the principles of Kinetic Fighting–Integrated Combat to control your fear and protect against common street weapons.

In this course (Charlie module in the KEF–IC syllabus), you will discover not only the essential components of surviving an armed attack, but how to arm yourself — legally — for the purpose. A mix of theory and practice, these lessons will help you hone fundamental skill sets (including those learned in our Self-Protection Essentials course, if you’ve done it) and integrate Kinetic Fighting’s core principles and survival strategies into your thinking as well as your actions.

On this course, Combatives Master Trainer and former SAS soldier Nick Caldwell will teach Cale’s battle-proven principles and survival tactics, which are:

  • Adaptable to any martial art or professional operational procedure
  • Suitable for civilians & front-line operators, from beginners to professionals
  • Backed by Paul Cale’s 25+ years of career military experience & 40 years in martial arts, as well as Nick’s own extensive experience and qualifications.



In this module you will develop a working knowledge of the following key aspects of self-protection:

  • Weapon awareness and detection
  • Weapon characteristics and vulnerabilities to exploit
  • Distancing concepts specific to weapons
  • Weapon suppression and control methods 
  • Legal considerations for possession and use of self-protection tools 
  • Improvisation and effective use of legal tools for defence.

Prerequisites: None — beginners welcome*


* If you have previously completed the Charlie module course and would like to do a refresher, contact info@themillgym.com for special pricing.



This training in essential, real-world self-protection skills will be delivered by KEF–IC Instructor and owner of The Mill Gym, Nick Caldwell. A former Australian Commando and SAS operator, Nick is highly experienced in martial arts, including full-contact karate and Brazilian jiu-jitsu, as well as Special Forces Close Quarter Fighting (CQF) and Close Quarter Battle (CQB).

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