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Kinetic Fighting

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Kinetic Fighting (KEF)

Kinetic Fighting Pty Ltd (KEF Group) is a world leader in teaching and enhancing operational skills for use in combat, law enforcement, security and related fields. Our elite team is comprised of former Australian Special Forces operators and police. Together, they have developed highly-advanced and customised skills-enhancement courses for the Australian Defence Force, police and other government agencies.

As leaders in our field, we feel it is our duty to use our knowledge and experience to help people enhance their skills, improving their preparedness to deal with violence, risk and crisis situations. In doing so, we enable our clients and their personnel to reduce, rationalise and control fear. The result? Confident people with capabilities to match.


Kinetic Fighting provides tailored training packages for a broad range of industries. We also train individuals from all walks of life, on a professional or personal level. KEF’s training packages reflect the adaptability for which our Special Forces soldiers are famous. This key trait enables our team of ex-SF instructors to develop needs-based programs for a wide cross-section of clientele, using core principles that have proven highly effective.

KEF’s training is carefully designed to enhance capability, which means reduced liability. However, there are many more reasons to train with us, including improved critical-incident responses, real advances in safety, and increased confidence and self-reliance among personnel.

Kinetic XR

Kinetic XR is the name of Kinetic Fighting’s training technology division — a partnership with Australia’s leading developers of virtual-reality (VR) training systems. With research and development progressing rapidly, virtual-reality and augmented-reality technology will soon become a highly valuable and integrated component of KEF’s training programs.

By working together with clients to develop bespoke programs, Kinetic XR can enhance the safety and availability of training for high-risk professions. It can also deliver highly effective mindset training, as well as aid in the prevention and management of traumatic stress.

Upcoming Courses

FACT: Most people need very little training to dramatically increase their chances…
ACT: Most people need very little training to dramatically increase their chances…
FACT: Most people need very little training to dramatically increase their chances…
Learn how to apply the principles of Kinetic Fighting–Integrated Combat to control…

Customer Reviews

“The techniques taught by Paul to disarm enemy combatants and retain our own weapons was a critical skill that enhanced our strategy…”
Major Bram Connolly, DSM
Former Platoon Commander
2nd Commando Regiment
“The feedback during our After-Action Review was unanimously and overwhelmingly positive… Honestly, second to none.”
Major J
Officer Commanding Force Preparation
Australian Army
"As a serving NSW police officer and long-time weapons instructor, I absolutely loved KEF–IC… my colleagues totally agreed, this the way.”
Deborah Gibbons
Tactical Weapons Instructor
NSW Police
“I recommend it to anyone and everyone… I’ve been in situations where we could have been assaulted, but using the Kinetic principles, we were able to avoid it.”
Demity Lowe
QLD Paramedic
“Useful and applicable NOW, not in a year’s time. I have not enjoyed a training day so much for decades.”
Geoff Hetherington
Business Consultant
“I’ve done a lot of courses on professional skills, but KEF–IC Violence Prevention Essentials & Dynamic Threat Management ranks up there as one of the very best.”
Shaun Sargent
Be Spunki
"Whether you're a security professional or martial artist, you will find immense value in the courses for your profession or art"
Ian Bone
Chief Instructor
Courage Training Centre

Professional Insights

Behind the Scenes

Reece Dewar checks his sights
Army ISET Training 2018
Kinetitic Fighting Training Melbourne 2018
Army ISET Training 2017
A team of soldiers apply high-cross domination with the 'any available weapon' principle during ACP training
Reece Dewar shares a laugh with Force Ordnance's camera crew in Nevada, USA, Jan. 2019

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