High Fidelity Training

Kinetic Fighting’s High-Fidelity Training and Simulation Centre delivers the most realistic training possible for front-line professionals and first-responders across the government and private sectors.

Designed to serve military, law-enforcement, emergency-response and healthcare teams, this unique facility immerses trainees in scenarios that faithfully replicate the environments and situations they encounter on the job. Accurate, memorable and repeatable, these lived experiences deliver better learning outcomes, faster.

Situated within Screen Queensland Studios in Hemmant, north of Brisbane, the High-Fidelity Training and Simulation Centre features a 360-degree augmented-reality environment, as well as a control room, debriefing room and reception area. Its capabilities also include multi-point audio-visual monitoring and integrated biometric feedback and testing.

The facility operates under the brand High Fidelity Training (HFT), a partnership between KEF Group/Kinetic Fighting and its close collaborators Emergency Australia and ReeGill Stunts. All three businesses are owned and run by Australian Defence Force veterans, who together bring a broad range of complementary professional knowledge and skill to the team.



HFT Features & Services

HFT’s augmented-reality space is unique in that it provides complete, 360-degree audio-visual immersion for the student undergoing training. This training environment can be designed to replicate urban or remote settings — be it a mine, hospital, rural accident site or battlefield environment — depending on your professional requirements.

Adding to the sensory immersion, HFT provides state-of-the art equipment so students can rehearse their skills with the precision that underpins real-world success. Whether it be patient simulators including Laerdals SimMan 3G, or high-impact body armour from Chiron Global Tech, this technology provides for a realistic training environment in which students build confidence through exposure.

For enhanced resilience training and testing, students may also opt to wear Astroskins and Hexoskins, which track and communicate the wearers’ vital signs and physiological response. In our training setting, these ‘smart garments’ allow the trainer to evaluate the biometric readings of students under varying levels of pressure, enabling more detailed and personalised performance assessments. This also facilitates active interventions to manage students’ stress responses during training, and/or to control stress-inducing inputs to scenario activities as desired.

Qualifications & Course Customisation

The High-Fidelity Training and Simulation Centre offers highly motivated individuals the opportunity to enhance their professional development and obtain qualifications in a number of nationally recognised courses. We also work with clients to develop contextualised training plans to suit specific roles and teams. This may include services like collecting imagery and audio recordings to create bespoke environments for trainees. We can also deliver immersive training alongside ‘traditional’ RTO-standard education programs — for example, firearm safety and handling courses for security, enhanced with high-fidelity training of the learned skills in simulated vocational settings.

For more information or to discuss customising a course to your needs, contact us.

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