Kinetic Fighting

The Training Experience of a Lifetime! - Train in THAILAND

PAUL CALE, creator of the Australian Army Combatives Program, PLUS Muay Thai master & winner of 162 fights, Ajahn BURKLERK PINSINCHAI!

Army Combatives  |  Military knife skills  |  Combat Muay Thai  |  Tactical pistol shooting (all levels) |  7-day, all-inclusive trip  |  28 August to 3 September

Tactical Control & Arrest for Policing

In this seminar for serving law-enforcement professionals, Kinetic Fighting founder Paul Cale will address some of the key technical and tactical gaps in current OST curriculums. A former 2nd Commando Regiment and Tactical Assault Group-East team leader, SGT (Ret.) Paul Cale developed the world-leading Australian Army Combatives Program (ACP). Used by the Australian Army and Special Forces, ACP is based...

Combative Grappling – Melbourne

Learn how to out-grapple an opponent when lives are at stake, rather than competition points, with Kinetic Fighting founder Paul Cale. The Combative Grappling course teaches the essential tactics and techniques of grappling to overcome a committed assault — and how to adapt your current grappling skills for survival, as well as law-enforcement or security ROE.  In this four-hour course...