A critical skill that enhanced our strategy.

“Paul was instrumental in the platoon being able to use both lethal and less-than-lethal force while engaged in room combat. The techniques taught by Paul to disarm enemy combatants and retain our own weapons was a critical skill that enhanced our strategy of working within the local population in support of the Afghan partner force. Paul was a great Platoon Sergeant and his guidance to the young soldiers kept them grounded during our deployment. He ran CQF [close-quarter fighting] training every second night for both our platoon and the American Special Forces.”

Major Bram Connolly, DSM, former Yankee Platoon Commander with Delta Company, 2nd Commando Regiment

Major Bram Connolly

A cornerstone to a lot of the training conducted by soldiers right across the ADF

“Two years ago I had the privilege of working with Paul Cale in the introduction and implementation of the Army Combatives Program, which now stands as a cornerstone to a lot of the training conducted by soldiers right across the ADF. Learning how to compliment my leadership and develop my instructional skills further in a tactical setting, with something I absolutely love, was such a great experience.”

Ben Haime, former Infantry team leader & Initial Employment Training (IET) Instructor, Australian Army

Ben Haime

It’s a massive leap forward.

“I recently completed the ACP Level 1 Course and was impressed with the combat mindset and behaviours it instils…it’s a massive leap forward from the MSD [Military Self Defence] Course.”

David Berrill, Training Officer, Australian Army (serving since 1989)

David Berrill

Saved me and my partner from serious injury.

“I am currently a serving member of the Western Australia Police Force. Prior to this I served 8 years in the regular army and was lucky enough to complete the Level 1 and 2 ACP modules… it potentially saved me and my partner from serious injury last night. I would just like to thank Paul and the team for equipping me with some tools to utilise out on patrol that will get me home safe.”

Constable Benedetto, Western Australia Police officer, former soldier

Constable Benedetto

The best I have encountered.

“After 30 years of Karate instruction, Kinetic Fighting has provided a realistic and proven self-defence component to our curriculum. The best I have encountered. It works seamlessly with our traditional program.”

Glenn Irvine (Chief Instructor - Kodomon Karate-Do)

Glenn Irvine

Honestly, second to none.

“The feedback during our After Action Review was unanimously and overwhelmingly positive (from all stakeholders)… I would like to reiterate my personal appreciation to the Kinetic Fighting team for the quality of training provided during the Force Preparation Mission Rehearsal Activity. Honestly, second to none. In retrospect, I can’t imagine that the exercise would have been half as successful without the contribution of your team.”

MAJ J, Officer Commanding Force Preparation, Australian Army

Maj J

Everyone should do it.

“I still rate highly the training Kinetic gave us — very broad and professional. Everyone should do it.”

Peter Brinkworth, Instructor, Australian Defence Force

Peter Brinkworth

The skills taught are invaluable.

“Thank you for a fantastic weekend of training. The manner in which the course was delivered was awesome. The skills taught are invaluable. The knowledge sharing and the experience in the room was so humbling and it was an honour to be involved. I’m looking forward to developing these skills further.”

Jason Emond, officer, Victoria Police

Jason Emond

I’d highly recommend it.

“I recently completed Level-1 Alpha and Bravo, and I have had two caesareans, and spinal surgery to repair a ruptured disc L4-L5. Anything is possible when you put your mind to it. I was basically paralysed from the hip down on my right leg and the surgeon was shocked that I was still walking… For anyone wanting to do one of these courses, I’d highly recommend it.”

Brenda Foster, martial arts instructor

Brenda Foster

Creating the right mindset.

“Paul Cale is very engaging as a teacher and speaks with a depth of knowledge. His methods and use of creating the right mindset are direct and easy to integrate into any training you may have done or are currently doing.”

Paul Chandler, karate student, Okinawa Goju Ryu Kenkyukai

Paul Chandler

Provide valuable insight.

“A great team [of interpreters and role-players] who throw themselves into the scenarios and provide valuable insight to those deploying to the Middle East. It was a pleasure working with these guys and the whole KEF team. ACP is also a great program to be involved with — and a fantastic team led by Paul and John.”

Jason Spivey, High Risk Security Operations Consultant/ Managing Director Tristate Group

Jason Spivey

A great augmentation for any self-defence or martial arts program.

“Kinetic Fighting is a great augmentation for any self-defence or martial arts program. Whether you’re a security professional or martial artist, you will find immense value in the courses for your profession or art.”

Ian Bone (Chief Instructor - Courage Training Centre)

Ian Bone

I have become empowered.

“Thank you very much for the opportunity to explore Kinetic Fighting… My beginning might have been humble, yet my smile in the photo tells me how much I have become empowered. After the course, I indeed came home feeling stronger about myself. I look forward to doing more again soon.”

Jina Kim, solicitor

Jina Kim

A really enjoyable and valuable course.

“…simple but highly effective techniques, placing great emphasis on situational awareness and risk assessment, as well as the mind being the most important weapon in violent, real-life situations. Thanks to Paul and the Kinetic Fighting team for a really enjoyable and valuable course, and offering such an amazing program to civilians.”

Ray Galea, instructor, Swimming Dragon tai chi

Ray Galea

Achieving and obtaining results beyond the realm of normal people.

“Paul’s ability and focus is in expeditiously achieving and obtaining results beyond the realm of normal people. He is a person I can thoroughly recommend.”

Mike Turner, International Director, Evorinex / Former soldier, 1st Commando Regiment

Mike Turner

I feel confident in applying the simple but effective principles learned and practised.

“I initially took the tagline for the course, ‘Four hours that will change your view of self-protection’, with a grain of salt — but man, was I wrong. You taught me a lot, and I feel confident in applying the simple but effective principles learned and practised today… It was well worth the trip from Adelaide.”

James Fuata, self-defence student

James Fuata