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A critical skill that enhanced our strategy.

“Paul was instrumental in the platoon being able to use both lethal and less-than-lethal force while engaged in room combat. The techniques taught by Paul to disarm enemy combatants and retain our own weapons was a critical skill that enhanced our strategy of working within the local population in support of the Afghan partner force. Paul was a great Platoon Sergeant and his guidance to the young soldiers kept them grounded during our deployment. He ran CQF [close-quarter fighting] training every second night for both our platoon and the American Special Forces.”

Major Bram Connolly, DSM, former Yankee Platoon Commander with Delta Company, 2nd Commando Regiment

Major Bram Connolly

Honestly, second to none.

“The feedback during our After Action Review was unanimously and overwhelmingly positive (from all stakeholders)… I would like to reiterate my personal appreciation to the Kinetic Fighting team for the quality of training provided during the Force Preparation Mission Rehearsal Activity. Honestly, second to none. In retrospect, I can’t imagine that the exercise would have been half as successful without the contribution of your team.”

MAJ J, Officer Commanding Force Preparation, Australian Army

Maj J

A cornerstone to a lot of the training conducted by soldiers right across the ADF

“Two years ago I had the privilege of working with Paul Cale in the introduction and implementation of the Army Combatives Program, which now stands as a cornerstone to a lot of the training conducted by soldiers right across the ADF. Learning how to compliment my leadership and develop my instructional skills further in a tactical setting, with something I absolutely love, was such a great experience.”

Ben Haime, former Infantry team leader & Initial Employment Training (IET) Instructor, Australian Army

Ben Haime

It’s a massive leap forward.

“I recently completed the ACP Level 1 Course and was impressed with the combat mindset and behaviours it instils…it’s a massive leap forward from the MSD [Military Self Defence] Course.”

David Berrill, Training Officer, Australian Army (serving since 1989)

David Berrill

Obtaining results beyond the realm of normal people.

“Paul’s ability and focus is in expeditiously achieving and obtaining results beyond the realm of normal people. He is a person I can thoroughly recommend.”
Mike Turner, International Director, Evorinex / Former soldier, 1st Commando Regiment
Mike Turner

Everyone should do it.

“I still rate highly the training Kinetic gave us — very broad and professional. Everyone should do it.”

Peter Brinkworth, Instructor, Australian Defence Force

Peter Brinkworth

Provide valuable insight.

“A great team [of interpreters and role-players] who throw themselves into the scenarios and provide valuable insight to those deploying to the Middle East. It was a pleasure working with these guys and the whole KEF team. ACP is also a great program to be involved with — and a fantastic team led by Paul and John.”

Jason Spivey, High Risk Security Operations Consultant/ Managing Director Tristate Group

Jason Spivey

Clear, concise and easy to follow.

“I enjoyed the course and have recommended it to mates in corrections, security and first-responders as a practical, no-bullshit way to assist them in staying safe at work. The teaching method was very clear, concise and easy to follow.”
Brett, former soldier

An excellent program and totally functional.

“I finished ACP Level 3 today: it’s an excellent program and totally functional. With a grappling background, I went into it thinking I knew what to do, but weapon and kit changes the game.”
Hamish McBain, ACP Instructor, Australian Army
Hamish McBain

Front-Line Services

An excellent course for at-risk people.

“The syllabus and course content are robust and practical, and carefully curated for ease of learning. The structure and delivery of training makes it an excellent, practical course for at-risk people…and it’s detailed and modular enough to work for ongoing professional development.”

Jonathan Batten, Mindset Securities (former instructor, Army School of Infantry)

Jonathan Batten

Relevant to genuine encounters and threats.

“The core skills are able to be honed and used efficiently and effectively for ease of retention, and they are relevant to genuine encounters and threats. I enjoyed Paul’s teaching style… Can’t wait to return and have another go.”

Brent Driscoll, registered nurse and paramedic

Brent Driscoll

Strongly grounded in easily understood principles.

“The relatively simple technique base, that was strongly grounded in easily understood principles, allowed for rapid development of competence and confidence. The sequential structure of delivery and use of a training booklet supported cognitive retention and post-training review and practice. I greatly valued the detailed explanation of the similarities and distinctions between sport and tactical application of techniques.”

Bruno Jenel, security manager

Bruno Jenel

The basic principles can go a long way.

“I recommend it to anyone and everyone, because even just the basic principles can go a long way. In the health field, I’ve been in situations where we definitely could have been assaulted (and almost were) but using the principles, we were able to avoid it… And I have had people grab me, and just being able to get out of a hand-grip can help.”

Demity Lowe, QLD Paramedic

Demity Lowe

The training is the best I’ve ever done.

“Paul provided AWL Inspectors with easily understood and applied techniques, greatly increasing safety, confidence and situational awareness while operating in the field. Clancy was an excellent instructor and the team took away an enormous amount, gaining essential skills and knowledge that will keep them alive on the job.

“The principles and procedures taught are realistic in application, allowing for adaptation depending on the environment and threat faced. This is critical, as Inspectors often work alone, occasionally in remote locations throughout the state where assistance is not close at hand.

I can’t say enough about KEF Group, Paul and Clancy. The training is the best I’ve ever done, with everything reality-based and proven. The feedback I got from my team was outstanding.”

Matthew Godwin, Chief Inspector, Animal Welfare League NSW

Matthew Godwin

Law Enforcement

This stuff works!

“Two youths started a fight at my local shopping centre today. Security were fighting a losing battle trying to separate and control them, and as I was running in, one of them produced a knife. I managed a Kinetic IA [‘immediate action’] and takedown into High Cross Domination. A fellow off-duty officer then jumped in and we were able to maintain control until security, then ultimately more police, helped us out.

I’m only at Tan Belt level, but this stuff works! I’m looking forward to you guys heading south again.”

Constable McKinnon, Victoria Police

Constable McKinnon

Highly recommended to any law-enforcement officer.

“Both of these courses [KEF–IC Alpha and Bravo) presented easy-to-use and practical techniques that are applicable in a variety of situations. The trainers were excellent presenters and role-models. My colleague and I have lengthy policing experience and we both found the training to be informative, sensible and useful. The courses complement one another and I feel both should be completed to gain the most from the training. Emerging sore and sorry for ourselves but wiser, we thoroughly enjoyed the content and practical application of same. I highly recommend these courses to any law-enforcement officer.”

Acting Senior Sgt, (name withheld), QLD Police

Acting Senior Sgt

We have loved Paul’s input.

“The team got a stack out of it; in particular, the co-ordinated approach to the takedown and cuffing. We have loved Paul's input so far — particularly the details around weapon retention…”

Senior Sgt Robert Gregory, SA Police, Special Tasks and Rescue Operations (STAR)

Senior Sgt Robert Gregory

Based on solid research and real-life experience.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the Violence Prevention Essentials & Dynamic Threat Management course. The content was based on solid research and real-life experience, and Mathew Wann is a highly qualified and engaging presenter. This training is suitable and beneficial for people from all walks of life.”

David Kolb, Retired Inspector, Queensland Police

David Kolb

Saved me and my partner from serious injury.

“I am currently a serving member of the Western Australia Police Force. Prior to this I served 8 years in the regular army and was lucky enough to complete the Level 1 and 2 ACP modules… it potentially saved me and my partner from serious injury last night. I would just like to thank Paul and the team for equipping me with some tools to utilise out on patrol that will get me home safe.”

Constable Benedetto, Western Australia Police officer, former soldier

Constable Benedetto

Everything you need, nothing you don’t.

“Professionally run, with specific and relevant techniques. Everything you need, nothing you don’t: effective, basic principles easily adaptable to any situation…high-percentage, easily remembered and applied. I’ve used the Kinetic Fighting principles and skills in my job since the course: Framing and Wedge, to good effect; High-cross Domination, relevant to weapon protection and retention while wrestling with a suspect; and dominating the throat from the outset to gain control.”

Constable, (name withheld), WA Police


Relevant to complete beginners and trained professionals.

“The beginner-level course is highly relevant to complete beginners and trained professionals. It will easily integrate with, and augment, skills already learnt. All skills and theory, drills and applications were relevant [to the law-enforcement profession].”

Detective Senior Constable McLeod, WA Police

Detective Senior Constable McLeod

Great reality-based training.

“Great reality-based training. We would be happy to host Paul at the base again…”

Adam M., Special Operations Group, WA Dept. of Corrections

Adam M

The skills taught are invaluable.

“Thank you for a fantastic weekend of training. The manner in which the course was delivered was awesome. The skills taught are invaluable. The knowledge sharing and the experience in the room was so humbling and it was an honour to be involved. I’m looking forward to developing these skills further.”

Jason Emond, officer, Victoria Police

Jason Emond
“It was a great experience. We definitely got more than we expected, credit to Paul's humility and passion for the art. It was a smooth process; a great reflection of the professionalism of your organisation.”
Lolo Tuitu’U, Asst. Superintendent, Corrections NSW Special Operations Group
Lolo Tuitu’U

ACP gave me more confidence than police training.

“I recently completed ACP Level 2 as a 50-year-old Army Reservist. I love what you do … I’ve been a front-line QPS officer for 25 years, and the ACP gave me more confidence in myself than any of the police training.”
Senior Constable Paul, QLD Police
Senior Constable Paul

My colleagues agreed, this is the way.

“As a serving NSW police officer and long-time weapons instructor, I absolutely loved KEF–IC. I got a lot out of it and endeavour to continue training. “I have even shown the combat stand-up to a few of my colleagues and they totally agreed, this the way. Thanks again and I look forward to further courses.”
Deborah Gibbens, NSW Police Tactical Weapons Instructor
Deborah Gibbens

A career highlight.

“It was a great experience, and personally a career highlight…it exceeded my expectations.”
Gerald Avery, Snr Correctional Officer, Corrections NSW Special Operations Group
Gerald Avery

Martial Arts

Really useful information with helpful, practical examples.

“I loved the Violence Prevention Essentials & Dynamic Threat Management courses; really useful information and it was delivered in a clear way with helpful, practical examples. I also thought the instructor, Mathew Wann, did a great job at bringing it to Zoom at the last minute.”

Jake Marusich, martial arts instructor

Jake Marusich

I gained so much out of it

“Thank you for the Violence Prevention Essentials & Dynamic Threat Management course with Mat Wann, I gained so much out of it... I needed the tools greatly, as some of the women I teach [self-defence] have been domestically abused. With the knowledge I’ve gained on body language, etc. I hope I am able to support these women a little more. Thank you again for the professional way you run your courses, the content and the follow-up support. I will be attending more of your seminars in the future.”

Anna Rasmussen, judo & self-defence instructor

Anna Rasmussen

So simple it’s genius.

“This is an excellent course, run by someone I respect very much. The content is so simple it’s genius — I thought it was great. Many of the techniques defeat the body’s flinch response… enabling me to take the advantage in the conflict.”

Mark Counsel, self-defence instructor

Mark Counsel

A great weekend all round.

“The main thing I got out of the courses was the mindset you need to be in to understand what needs to be done. Also, the simple concepts to achieve the results needed. A great weekend all round. Can't wait for more!”

John Anthony, martial arts instructor (7th Degree Black-belt)

John Anthony

I’d highly recommend it.

“I recently completed Level-1 Alpha and Bravo, and I have had two caesareans, and spinal surgery to repair a ruptured disc L4-L5. Anything is possible when you put your mind to it. For anyone wanting to do one of these courses, I’d highly recommend it.”

Brenda Foster, martial arts instructor

Brenda Foster

Creating the right mindset.

“Paul Cale is very engaging as a teacher and speaks with a depth of knowledge. His methods and use of creating the right mindset are direct and easy to integrate into any training you may have done or are currently doing.”

Paul Chandler, karate student, Okinawa Goju Ryu Kenkyukai

Paul Chandler

Professionalism, knowledge and expertise.

“I recommend the courses for the professionalism, the knowledge and expertise of the instructors, and the organisation.”

Miguel Jorqera, fitness and self-defence instructor

Miguel Jorqera

A really enjoyable and valuable course.

“…simple but highly effective techniques, placing great emphasis on situational awareness and risk assessment, as well as the mind being the most important weapon in violent, real-life situations. Thanks to Paul and the Kinetic Fighting team for a really enjoyable and valuable course, and offering such an amazing program to civilians.”

Ray Galea, instructor, Swimming Dragon tai chi & Floro Fighting Systems

Ray Galea

Techniques that everyone can do.

“Great information; easy-to-learn and easy-to-execute techniques that everyone can do. And all are given real situations that the techniques can be applied to — both professional and self-defence situations.”

Steven Pace, plumber and martial arts instructor

Steven Pace

A great augmentation for any self-defence or martial arts program.

“Kinetic Fighting is a great augmentation for any self-defence or martial arts program. Whether you’re a security professional or martial artist, you will find immense value in the courses for your profession or art.”

Ian Bone, Chief Instructor, Courage Training Centre

Ian Bone

A load of useful knowledge.

“The course was very well taught and had a load of useful knowledge. The training we did was well-timed — enough that we had a good idea of what to practise [after the course], but not so long that we missed practising most things at least a few times.”

Peter Gordon, Kids’ Krav Maga instructor, Guardian Defence

Peter Gordon

Professionals & Public

Ranks up there as one of the very best.

“It was an amazing day and Mat Wann is a superb instructor. I have done a lot of courses on professional skills, but KEF–IC Violence Prevention Essentials & Dynamic Threat Management ranks up there as one of the very best. I signed up because we travel a lot and I wanted to raise my awareness of physical environments as well as how to minimise threats. The course more than fulfilled my expectations and was a great way to work on being more aware.”

Shaun Sargent, CEO, Be Spunki

Shaun Sargent

Very satisfied and impressed.

“Loved the concept of key principles to understand and then problem-solve from. It was well facilitated, with an effective balance of learn, practise, test, review. Very satisfied and impressed with the current model. I am an experienced business facilitator and instructor of martial arts, and also took away some facilitation-improvement approaches for myself. It was the best impact training I’ve been involved in for a long time.”

Clay Greenbank, Culture Team leader, major resources company

Clay Greenbank

Confronting but critical information.

“It's an excellent course; confronting but critical information, even for a civilian like myself. The Bravo course imparts a practical understanding of the realities of violence and the priorities during close-quarter combat. Paul is an exceptional teacher and leader; it’s a real privilege to draw such insight from his demonstrated wealth of experience in the field. If only I had such captivating anecdotes to draw on in my lectures to med’ students, they might learn a thing or two!”

Dr Dan Donner, heart microsurgeon (research)

Dr Dan Donner

Paul is a great teacher.

“I liked the pace and practical training…it gave me confidence in what to do and how to handle each situation. I think [other] females will benefit from this course. Paul is a great teacher.”

Annette Prince, OH&S manager

Annette Prince

A potential life-saver.

“The Land Navigation Fundamentals course was absolutely spot-on and obviously a potential life-saver, as are all KEF courses I have attended. From the actual map interpretation to reading the land, and from navigating obstacles to focusing on pace, to get to the spot we were chasing was challenging and fun. Clancy [the instructor] was very clear and precise in his tutoring and even better when in the bush… There is nothing I would change on the course.”

Jim Elder, Group Project Manager, PACT Group

Jim Elder

It’s legit and makes sense.

“The Alpha course was brilliant. It’s legit and makes sense! Just can’t wait to start training it regularly…”

Josh Costa, business owner (Costa Contractors)

Josh Costa

Challenging and empowering at the same time.

“As a woman, this was challenging and empowering at the same time. The instructors were freaking amazing at helping me truly throw myself into being grounded while using my strength and their incredible techniques. It's amazing how strong we are, and how knowing and learning Kinetic Fighting reduces that intimidating energy… I loved every minute of it.”

Mandy Gibbons, personal trainer

Mandy Gibbons

The presentation and content were outstanding.

“I recently had the pleasure of attending the KEF–IC Alpha seminar… I had a fantastic time and thought the presentation and content were outstanding. I believe the combination of simple, gross-motor I-A [Immediate Action] drills and the discussion of psychology behind the actions were a perfect way to teach, and the humour and approachability of your instructors [CMT WO2 Aaron Johnston and CMT Geordie Lavers-McBain] made it a great environment.”

Christopher Shackley, student, Townsville

Christopher Shackley

Easy to commit to muscle memory.

“No fluff about it, KEF educates people about the reality of hand-to-hand combat in real-world situations for those who haven’t experienced it, and where the consequences of losing can be serious injury or death. It teaches about the combat mindset and importance of situational awareness. KEF skills are simple, repeatable and easy to commit to muscle memory, which is required to be able to implement in high-stress situations. It takes less time training to be effective than conventional martial arts.”

Ryan Eiteneuer, Student

Ryan Eiteneuer

Don’t change a thing!

“I gained confidence and a newfound drive to achieve a goal. Don’t change a thing! When I first came across Paul Cale and KEF I was in a dark place… Paul has given me the inspiration to fight through and achieve the goals that I have set for myself.”

Shane Smith, business owner (Tier One Gel Ops)

Shane Smith

I was able to de-escalate a potentially violent encounter.

“I recommend this course due to the simplicity and effectiveness of the philosophy and techniques. It is also the first time I have come across the concept of having to use violence [in self-defence] from a position of physical deficiency. Following the course, I was able to de-escalate a potentially violent encounter simply because I was confident that I was able to handle the situation. It was empowering, as the agitator quickly realised that I was not scared and that I was comfortable with the thought of violence, and chose to withdraw.”

Simon Mouatt, finance broker

Simon Mouatt

No-nonsense and easy on the uptake.

“The no-nonsense style is easy on the uptake. The instructor, Paul Cale, has had experience at the highest level. This is important, as he has been in situations that most of us (including martial arts instructors that work from a playbook written 200 years ago) have not. He can show you how to approach it on both a physical and mental level.”

Anthony Maxwell, national facilities officer

Anthony Maxwell

Safe, practical and a strong sense of realism.

“I’d recommend the KEF–IC courses because of, firstly, how they are structured and taught: no matter what your learning style is, you’re walking away much more informed and fundamentally more proficient. Secondly, the material focuses on plain and simple principles. The methods are explained to you in such a way that you have the confidence in how to adapt and apply them to a range of situations. Thirdly, the mindset and culture surrounding the training environment it cultivates. It shows in how the instructors interact with participants, how the participants conduct themselves throughout, and how everyone practises the material. It's done safely, practically and with a strong sense of realism.”

Pat, UX (user experience) designer


Practical application of high-percentage techniques.

“Very practical application of high-percentage techniques. As I’ve had limited training on the ground, I found those techniques very useful. Paul and his team are great to learn from and I look forward to doing all the courses as they become available to ‘civvies’.”

Sam Peters, business owner

Sam Peters

Useful and applicable NOW.

“Pertinent instruction and classes very well structured — useful and applicable NOW, not in a year’s time. Well thought-out progression of information and skills training, in a relaxed atmosphere with no dickheads… I have not enjoyed a training day so much for decades.”

Geoff Hetherington, business consultant

Geoff Hetherington

Very easy to understand and put into practice.

“The information was conveyed very well by Paul, as were his philosophies surrounding violence. The training itself was also very easy to understand and put into practice. I enjoyed how down-to-earth Paul was — he was more than happy to make time for every person individually.”

Hamish Thompson, mining industry

Hamish Thompson

Paul’s training always works.

“I have trained with Paul before and his training always works. He makes the training easy and you know that you will be helped all the way if needed. I had a great time!”

Ray Martin, receptionist

Ray Martin

I have become empowered.

“Thank you very much for the opportunity to explore Kinetic Fighting… My beginning might have been humble, yet my smile in the photo tells me how much I have become empowered. After the course, I indeed came home feeling stronger about myself. I look forward to doing more again soon.”

Jina Kim, solicitor

Jina Kim

The skills were all relevant.

“I gained everything, as I had none of these skills prior. I believe the skills were all relevant and a great introduction for being responsible when it comes to self-protection and control. The Bravo course really supported and helped cement the Alpha training.”

Nicola Ribbon, business owner

Nicola Ribbon

A level of credibility and authenticity rarely found.

“The instruction was professional and well presented. The techniques were very basic and functional — well grounded and reality-based. Paul Cale and the links to the ADF give the material a level of credibility and authenticity rarely found in reality-based self-defence. I especially liked the elements that covered ground work for those who haven't had much experience on the ground.”

Dr Douglas Eacersall, Lecturer, University of Southern Queensland

Dr Douglas Eacersall

I feel confident in applying the simple but effective principles.

“I initially took the tagline for the course, ‘Four hours that will change your view of self-protection’, with a grain of salt — but man, was I wrong. You taught me a lot, and I feel confident in applying the simple but effective principles learned and practised today… It was well worth the trip from Adelaide.”

James Fuata, self-defence student

James Fuata

The training was brilliant.

“The training was brilliant…I’d recommend it because it bloody works with all aspects of your life!”

D. Steinmetz, carpenter

D. Steinmetz

The material is fresh and tailored.

“All the skills taught have joined my skill set in krav maga…the material is fresh and tailored in a discipline that is strikingly remembered.”

Name Witheld

Name Withheld
“The feedback from the Reds playing group and staff who attended was amazing. Overwhelmingly, the consensus was that Paul [Cale] was one of the best speakers many have had the opportunity to listen to.”  
Hayley Cronin, Reds Player Development Manager, QLD Rugby Union
Hayley Cronin

The trainers are brilliant.

“I've loved all the courses I've done so far and all the trainers are brilliant.”
Simon Da Silva, disability support worker
Simon Da Silva

It was great to learn from the best.

“I have been doing BJJ for over 20 years and while I love the sport, I’ve always wanted to close the gap with practical applications against weapons. Of course the four-hour Echo course doesn’t turn you into John Wick, but it was great content and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Big thanks to Paul Cale; it was great to meet him and learn from the best.”
David Zimmerman, IT professional
David Zimmerman