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Kinetic Fighting (KEF) are world leaders in combat and skills enhancement. Our elite team, comprised of former Australian Special Forces members and martial arts experts, have developed highly-advanced and customised skills-enhancement courses for the Australian Defence Force and other government agencies.



Knowing how soldiers apply their CQC skills on the battlefield can teach us a lot about self-defence. A report by the US Army suggests that those martial arts that best train balance — such as grappling systems — are the key to surviving in close combat.

Control fear, tactical response, special forces, 2nd Commando Regiment

To be scientific in our approach to combat, we must first set fear, and dogma, aside. If we can control fear, we’re also more likely to spot the charlatans who seek to exploit it.

In an age where people live much of their lives online, situational awareness couldn’t be a more vital self-defence skill.

In selecting draftees for the AIS Combat Centre, AIS scientists were looking for answers: was it physical or mental traits that separated those selected from those left behind?

While everyone looks to military methods for ultimate close-combat training, those who are actually on the front line consider combat sports to be a key part of training, reveals Paul Cale.

The controversy surrounding the US Navy SEAL special forces unit’s recent decision to bring MMA…

As a co-team leader at the Australian Institute of Sports’ Combat Centre, which focuses on…