Kinetic Fighting

The Training Experience of a Lifetime! - Train in THAILAND

PAUL CALE, creator of the Australian Army Combatives Program, PLUS Muay Thai master & winner of 162 fights, Ajahn BURKLERK PINSINCHAI!

Army Combatives  |  Military knife skills  |  Combat Muay Thai  |  Tactical pistol shooting (all levels) |  7-day, all-inclusive trip  |  28 August to 3 September

Home Defence & Intruder Response – Brisbane

Learn how to deal physically and psychologically with immediate threats to your home and family. Applicable to protecting yourself and others within a residence, workplace or school, this module teaches you professionally tested tactics for survival on multiple levels, from preparation and avoidance to direct response. This four-hour session (‘Hotel’ module in the KEF–IC syllabus) covers prevention, resistance, escape, signalling...

Screen Combat Safety / Tactical Role-Player Qualification

In this dynamic and challenging two-day course, you’ll gain industry-accredited firearm safety and handling skills as well as the best first-aid training in the business!   In addition to firing an array of weapons (with ‘live’ fire and blanks), you’ll receive expert education in correct weapons handling and safety, taught by the veteran crew of Extra Specialists and Kinetic...