Kinetic Fighting

The Training Experience of a Lifetime! - Train in THAILAND

PAUL CALE, creator of the Australian Army Combatives Program, PLUS Muay Thai master & winner of 162 fights, Ajahn BURKLERK PINSINCHAI!

Army Combatives  |  Military knife skills  |  Combat Muay Thai  |  Tactical pistol shooting (all levels) |  7-day, all-inclusive trip  |  28 August to 3 September

Adaptive Leadership & Mastering Change: Paul Cale

Don’t have authority? You can still be a leader. Learn how, with Kinetic CEO Paul Cale… Real leadership is a skill and art that you, or anyone, can practise — regardless of your position and how much, or how little, authority you hold. Your presenter, Paul Cale, has changed the culture of the most strictly regimented and hierarchical organisation in...